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Here at Wisdem, we make the distinction of offering personalized career advising and planning, not to be confused with career coaching. For those who have a clear vision of what they want to achieve in their professional development, Wisdem provides the tools and experience to allow you to chart your new path. We focus on clear, tangible steps to enable you to reach your career goals.


Wisdem provides a variety of services to meet your career advising needs. We start with a thorough consultation to understand your specific experiences and professional goals. Next, we’ll offer a number of options to position you for success. For example, in most cases, we can completely refresh your résumé to showcase your achievements and skills in the most compelling and professional format for your industry.


Wisdem can also conduct mock job interviews to help you deliver your experience and personal story in the most captivating manner possible. Personalized feedback is provided to help you elevate how you present yourself in high-stakes professional settings. Additionally, because of our broad professional experience, we can help expand your network to take your career to new heights. These offerings, along with our other services, are designed to enrich your career development, regardless of your industry, seniority level, or ultimate goals.


Here’s what makes Wisdem right for you:

  • Personal touch.  We're a family business, not a corporate behemoth. As such, our clients know who they're getting when they hire us. With Wisdem, there's no bait and switch.  

  •  Our goal is your fulfillment. We view career advising as a long-term relationship, not an impersonal transaction. Because of that, our goal is for you to experience fulfilment in your career pursuits by finding your fit. This means that at Wisdem, we take the time to listen to what your goals are, and we take a holistic approach to helping you reach them. We're not interested in prescribing one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter solutions. We craft plans that reflect your personal needs, and we provide customized feedback to strengthen your areas of growth to help you reach your career goals.

  • Deeper level of guidance.  By design, our advisors boast broad and rich professional experience, including executive roles at major corporations, work in multiple industries, roles beyond the private sector, and strong networks in numerous metro areas.  This enables us to offer insightful perspective informed by extensive professional and life experience. 

  • We emphasize career inclusivity. At Wisdem, we recognize that career goals and ambitions are infinite, and we believe that there is value in all of them. While many strive to obtain roles at the most exclusive companies or seek the most impressive titles, others don’t. And that’s completely ok. With career ambitions, there’s no right or wrong. Your career ambitions are about what’s best for you. They should reflect your individual priorities, your preferences, and what makes you happiest. Because of this, we don’t focus myopically on a single career path, career ambition, or type of professional. We draw upon our broad professional and life experience, and we aim to serve a broad and inclusive customer base for career advising.



A résumé or CV tells the story of your experience while positioning you for your next step. We’ll review this highly important document, speak with you about your goals and experience, and provide valuable feedback for how to put your best food forward. For an even more luxe experience, we also offer résumé writing. Our Harvard-trained team with nationally published writing will craft a standout résumé that positions you for success.


As with résumés, cover letters provide an opportunity to make a first impression with a prospective employer. For this reason, they are an important tool in the job search process. A good cover . . .


Interviews provide a chance for you to tell your story, bring your résumé to life, and learn more about an opportunity you’re pursuing. Because of this, they require rigorous and thoughtful preparation, with proper attention to crafting a compelling narrative. Whether you have an important interview coming up, or you just want to improve your interview skills in preparation for your next great opportunity, we’re here for you. Wisdem will guide you with coaching, mock interviews, and the winning strategies needed to make an outstanding impression.


Thinking about a career move? There is a lot to consider. Whether you’re interested in staying in the same industry, navigating within the same company, or making an even bigger leap, we’re here for you. We'll provide a friendly listening ear for your ideas and help guide you toward a fulfilling and enjoyable next step. This includes recommendations for action-oriented tasks to complete in pursuit of your goals.


For many lawyers, the idea of changing jobs or careers is scary. Especially if going from practicing to non-practicing roles. Wisdem’s team understands this, having experienced it firsthand. Let us counsel you as you seek a fulfilling role in or outside of the legal profession. Whether you aim to move between law firms, go in-house, establish your own, or pursue something altogether different, we’re here for you.


The ad world is competitive, fast-paced, and ever-changing. With so many different agencies and such frequent turnover, it can be tough to see the bigger picture with your career in advertising. We’ll provide the insight you need to make fulfilling moves between agencies to grow and advance your career.


There’s more to life than making money. Many of us also want to do work that benefits the public interest. Traditionally, people seeking public-interest work have been steered solely to careers with government or nonprofit organizations. But the private sector offers many opportunities to do public interest work as well. Wisdem’s team will discuss your goals, interests, and skills, and propose potential private sector avenues for you to consider. We’ll also recommend actionable steps for you to complete in pursuit of a public interest role in the private sector.


Thinking about your future, but need help developing a concrete plan to achieve your goals? We’re here for you. Often an outsider’s perspective can help connect the dots and illuminate a path to career fulfillment. For example, we can craft a target list of companies to approach for a new role, or plot a plan for your growth within your own organization. Regardless of your goals, we’ll spend the time needed to learn where you’re trying to go, and formulate a clear roadmap to help you get there.


Didn’t see your need listed above? Don’t worry. We also offer custom career advising on the topic(s) of your choice. Contact us for more information. 


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