Designed to cover a variety of topics, these intensive workshops are offered for 3 or 6-week spans, meeting either 2 hours per week or 1 hour per week. 


  • This powerful entrepreneurship course teaches the entrepreneurial mindset alongside traditional business development skills. Students create real life business models, either individually or with a partner, and practice their soft and practical skills through various deliverables like pitching and presenting.


  • In this advanced entrepreneurship course, students deepen the development of their entrepreneurial mindset while refining their business models, developing their products or services, and honing in on those chores that need to be completed in order to launch or scale their venture.



  • Everything you need to know before you launch your crowdfunding campaign. There are a variety of crowdfunding types. Our focus will be on rewards-based crowdfunding, which is typically used to raise funds for a new startup or organization that offers a product or service. Individuals donate to a project or business with the expectation of receiving a non-financial reward. The reward is usually goods or services and received at a later stage. The more an individual donates to your fund, the greater the reward they will receive.


  • Facing a stalled career? Interested in how to transition from a 9-5 job to building your own startup? This course is designed to help adults who are eager to pursue their entrepreneurship passions. Whether you’re stuck in a job you’re ready to leave behind, unemployed, or underemployed, we’ll help you illuminate a path to greater fulfilment. Prepare yourself to relaunch a stalled career with entrepreneurship principles, or gain the skills needed to plan and launch your own new business.