Financial aid is a defining element of the college search for many students and families. It can be the difference between a student enrolling at his/her dream college or enrolling elsewhere. At Wisdem, we get it, and we’re here to help. Our mission is to democratize wisdom and help people reach their goals. A big part of reaching college goals means being able to afford college. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of advisors who’ve managed the financial aid process in a professional capacity and firsthand as students or parents themselves. We’ve been on both sides of the financial aid process, and we’ll use our knowledge and experience to help you.


Wisdem offers a suite of 1:1 topic-based modules focused on financial aid. These are designed to address the many different considerations that students and families face when navigating the financial aid process. Whether you’re seeking a broad overview of how to afford a college education or want to drill down on things like completing a FAFSA or how to hunt for scholarships, we have you covered. These modules are led by a seasoned advisor with many years of experience as a financial aid officer at a major university. We’ve also designed them to be comprehensive, yet concise (1 hour). This ensures that they can fit easily into the demanding schedules of today’s families. And if you’re interested in a financial aid topic that you don’t see in our modules, contact us. We offer custom financial aid advising as well.


  • Personal touch.  We're a family business, not a corporate behemoth. As such, our clients know who they're getting when they hire us. With Wisdem, there's no bait and switch. 

  • Multifaceted expertise. Our clients lean on the expertise of a seasoned financial aid officer at a major university. At Wisdem, you’ll work with someone who has managed the financial aid process for countless families and knows the inner workings of how universities approach financial aid decisions. But the expertise doesn’t end there. Our team has also navigated the financial aid process firsthand in a student and parent capacity. As such, we understand it from all angles, and can offer richer insights to guide students and families.

  • Comprehensive yet concise. Financial aid is a big, important topic. And there are many nuances to it. However, we also understand that today’s students and families are extremely busy. They don’t necessarily have the time to drill down on every aspect of financial aid minutia. That’s why we’ve designed our modules to be comprehensive yet concise. We deliver all of the relevant information you need, while also respecting your time. This allows you to make informed choices while also balancing your other priorities. And for those who do want to drill down on every aspect of financial aid minutia? We’re here for you as well. Contact us for custom financial aid advising.    


Wisdem offers multiple 1:1 modules on financial aid topics relevant to today’s students and families. We’ve designed these to be comprehensive, yet concise (1 hour). Interested in a topic that you don’t see below? Contact us for custom financial aid advising.   


Getting into college is one thing.  Affording it is another. With education being such a big financial investment, many families view cost as a primary consideration in selecting a college. Wisdem understands this, and we’re here to help. Taught by an experienced financial aid officer at a major university, this module covers federal and state financial aid, merit-based aid, student loans, and work-study programs. It will equip families with the knowledge needed to make a well-informed decision about their investment in a college education.


Virtually all families seeking financial aid must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (or “FAFSA”) as a first step. Filling out this important document can often be intimidating and confusing. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Wisdem will show you how to complete a FAFSA, with key tips to help maximize the financial aid you receive.


The College Scholarship Service Profile (or “CSS Profile”) is an online application that allows students to apply for non-federal financial aid. Not all colleges require it, but many do. It is also far more detailed than the FAFSA form. Don’t tackle this complex--and important--form alone. Wisdem will show you how to complete a CSS Profile, with key tips to help maximize the financial aid you receive.


College scholarships are a critical source of financial aid. Not only do they help students avoid student loans and other financial burdens, but they often offer other benefits. For example, many scholarships provide access to special networks of current and past scholarship recipients. These networks can lead to lifelong bonds that boost academic studies and even careers. Finding scholarship money, however, can be a challenge. With this module, Wisdem will demystify the scholarship search process and give proven tips for identifying scholarship resources.


Many people have heard of tuition or room and board as college costs, but there are others. For planning purposes, it is best to be aware of the costs beforehand. This module provides an overview of the types of costs students and families can expect to incur from a college education.  


Appeals aren’t just for lawyers. They’re also available in the financial aid process. Families seeking financial aid can typically challenge a college’s initial proposed award. In some cases, this will enable a student to receive more financial aid. With this module, you’ll learn how to take charge of the financial aid appeal process and advocate effectively for additional aid.


Generations of students and families have dreaded these three words, and for good reason. Repaying student debt can become a multi-decade saga and stifle other financial growth. But not all student loans are created equal. There are many important nuances, such as federal vs. private loans, or subsidized vs. unsubsidized loans. It’s important to be fully informed when taking on student loan burdens. This module discusses the ins and outs of student loans to help families avoid higher loan costs and other unwelcome aspects of student loan repayment.   


Didn’t see your topic covered? Don’t worry. We also offer custom advising on the financial aid topic of your choice. Contact us for more information. 


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