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The second half of high school is the heart of the college admissions journey. Wisdem offers a college admissions package to guide you through all of it.  This comprehensive offering starts in the junior year. As juniors, many students begin developing a list of colleges to consider, preparing for standardized tests, further refining their college-bound narrative, and more. Senior year is when everything comes together, as students apply to college and decide where to enroll. We’ll hold your hand through the entire process, ensuring you’re ideally equipped to tackle college admissions. Also, whether you aim for the Ivy League, an Ivy League-caliber school, or elsewhere, we’ll help you find your fit so your college experience is enjoyable, fulfilling, and positions you for future success. Below is the breakdown of topics and services for each year. Contact Wisdem USA today and one of our dedicated team members will speak with you about your specific situation for your 11th or 12th grade students. 


  • A customized, annotated timeline to use for applying to college

  • On-demand, 1:1 consultation throughout the process

  • Frequent check-ins to ensure you and your student remain on track

  • An annotated itinerary for your college campus visits

  • Expert financial aid guidance (if applicable)


  • Student's class selections

  • Standardized test strategy

  • Extracurricular activities to pursue

  • Building a college-bound narrative

  • Recommendations for summer programs

  • Support with applications for summer programs (including essays)

  • Strategic counsel regarding letters of recommendation

  • Advising concerning which colleges to consider for applications


  • Rigorous support with crafting compelling, polished essays and other application materials (e.g., résumés)

  • Extremely detailed review of applications and related materials

  • Strategic insight on how to answer application questions

  • Thoughtful advice concerning timing of application submissions

  • Thorough interview preparation (if applicable)

  • Connection to alumni/ae of schools to which student applies

  • Advice for choosing between acceptances and where to enroll

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