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Welcome to the Wisdem Blog!

Wisdem offers outstanding career advising and college admissions consulting through a a large suite of ever-changing services. For those on the go, there is also the Wisdem Store, which provides easily downloadable digital content with practical tips on relevant topics. Now, for Wisdem's latest offering, we're pleased to introduce the Wisdem Blog!

Our Inspiration

As detailed on our About Us page, Wisdem began with a simple mission - to democratize wisdom and help people reach their goals. Some may wonder what that means. Before launching this company, we surveyed the fields of career advising and admissions consulting. Our research found that many private sector companies in these fields solely cater to wealthy or otherwise elite customers. They exclude folks whose means or exposure may be more limited, but whose dreams and ambitions are no less grand.

Wisdem's core belief is that wisdom should be available to all of those who seek it, regardless of their socioeconomic background or other factors. We're here to help not just one segment of society, but all of those in search of value-additive wisdom to help them reach their career, academic, and life goals. The spread of such wisdom, we believe, will empower more people and result in better outcomes for society as a whole.

Some may quickly assume that serving an inclusive customer base requires us to reduce the quality of our service. WRONG. To be clear, our credentials are elite. Our experience is elite. And our service is outstanding. We do not believe that serving broad segments means sacrificing quality. And we embrace the challenge of finding new ways to make it easier for our customers to access wisdom. Just as Uber democratized access to chauffeured car service, or Airbnb democratized access to formerly exclusive space, Wisdem aims to democratize access to elite wisdom while providing excellent service.

So whether you're an existing Wisdem customer or new to our site, we welcome you. Thank you for being a part of our journey, We look forward to you joining us in witnessing the many amazing things to come.

Where Do We Go From Here?

The goal of the Wisdem Blog is to better connect with our existing customers and prospective customers. By demonstrating our thought leadership in the areas of career advising, admissions consulting, and other topics, we hope to provide relevant discussion to enrich your pursuit of your goals. Have an idea for a discussion topic? Contact us to share. We're also open to guest contributors. With so many things competing for your time and attention, we hope to make the Wisdem Blog a fun, engaging, and empowering part of your day.

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