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Wisdem Approaches the 6 Month Mark

It is hard to believe, but Wisdem is now nearly 6 months old. The snow and ice that accompanied the company's founding has now given way to blooming peonies, stunning rhododendrons, and other beautiful hallmarks of late spring. Time flies when you're having fun.

What's been up? Well, the first 6 months of the company's existence have been incredibly energizing, eventful, and educational. For one thing, as with almost any new business, we've prioritized advertising our company, albeit with mixed results.

Right out of the gate, we experimented with advertising on Craig's List, Nextdoor, and on restaurant menus. None proved effective. Then we set up business pages on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, with occasional posts about our services. So far, Instagram has shown the most promise. Our list of followers is still small, but growing steadily. Next month, we hope to experiment further, by running a series of radio advertisements on WBLS, the New York Metro Area's premier station for r&b music.

The ads will focus on Wisdem's college admissions consulting service. With many schools soon to wrap up their academic year, June is an ideal time to begin planning for college applications in the fall.

To be clear, though, our experience has been about far more than just advertising experiments. It's chiefly been about the joy and fulfillment of helping diverse people across the country--indeed, the world--reach their goals. Whether it was a high school student in New Jersey preparing for college, an attorney in India seeking to move to the United States, a single mom in Connecticut striving to find a new role, a young banking executive in Boston applying to business school, or a human resources professional in New York City aiming to switch careers, each client has a unique and inspiring story. We've been thrilled to be a part of their journey, and we look forward to helping others pursue their goals for the next 6 months and beyond.

For those who've supported Wisdem as we've gotten our legs under us, we thank you immensely for your encouragement and well wishes. Launching a new company isn't easy, but it's made easier with the backing of friends, family, and other supporters. We wish you and your families well as the world recovers from the disruption and death wrought by Covid-19.

Lastly, we stand with the African-American and Latino communities in the wake of multiple acts of violence across the United States, which have been perpetrated against unarmed men of color by police and others. We pray for justice for the victims, safety for all Americans regardless of race, and public policy leadership that rids law enforcement of racism and racial biases.

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