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3 Great Tips for a Last-Minute University Application

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

The college admissions season moves quickly. In the scramble to take the SAT or ACT, keep up with challenging AP or IB classes, and focus on demanding extracurricular activities, carving out the time for college applications can fall by the wayside. Add to that, the reality that unexpected life events can happen. Mental health concerns can weigh heavily on students. And so can good, old fashioned procrastination. In addition, some students don't conclude until late in the fall semester that college is actually for them. The point is that there are reasons aplenty for why one may need to submit a last-minute university application. And whether you are thinking about college advising in Watchung, NJ, thinking about college advising in Mendham, NJ thinking about college advising in Bloomfield Hills, MI or thinking about college advising near me, the tips below will help you as you complete a last-minute university application.

Remember That Your School Counselor Can Usually Guide You In How to Apply to College

Your school counselor is a key player in your journey to complete a last-minute university application. He/she can help ease the process by greasing the wheels and removing unnecessary roadblocks. As one example, colleges and universities accepting the Common Application typically require counselors to fill out a form related to your academic performance and other critical information about your high school. By giving your counselor an immediate heads-up about your last-minute university application, you can ensure they are better prepared to complete this form within an expedited timeframe. Additionally, if your school uses a platform such as Naviance to submit transcripts and recommendation letters to colleges, you will likely need your counselor's help to process the transcript requests for your last-minute university application. Therefore, the sooner you let them know about your plans, the better. They'll help you think about about how to apply to college. Often there is work that your school counselor must do on the back end to ensure your school issues transcripts and recommendation letters in a timely fashion. So before you do anything else, contact your counselor to let them know about your forthcoming last-minute university application, and seek their input for how to apply to college.

Write College Admissions Essays

The college admissions is process is often a steady slog, not a last-minute sprint. What makes it a slog? In most instances, the extra writing that it requires. These days, the vast majority of selective colleges and universities require at least one college essay as part of their college admissions criteria. What does that mean for someone submitting a last-minute university application? Well, you should prepare yourself to write something from scratch (and quickly!) or repurpose existing writing to use for your college admissions essays. For most, the heart of this writing process is the Common Application's personal statement essay. Capped at 650 words, this essay can be written using one of several pre-determined prompts, or the topic of your choice. At Wisdem USA, we help clients write outstanding college admissions essays even under the tightest of timeframes. But if you're managing the process on your own, you'll want to think deeply, pick a topic that is meaningful to you, and begin putting pen to paper (or fingertip to keyboard) as soon as possible. At minimum, plan on writing a personal statement essay around 500 words, as schools that do not accept the Common Application will frequently have topics that align with Common application prompts (albeit with lower word limits). Again, if you need help with your college essay, contact Wisdem USA for a complimentary consultation, and our experienced, Ivy League-trained team will help you get the ball rolling.

Hire Wisdem USA for a Last-Minute University Application

If you've read this far, why not contact Wisdem USA now for a complimentary consultation? We've laid out part of the game plan for you. It is now time for you to execute, and we can help. Our college admissions team features experienced, Ivy League-trained professionals who have guided many students to submit a last-minute university application. We're also well versed in working with students of all ambitions and backgrounds--whether they seek to enter the Ivy League, a major public university, a medium-sized private university, HBCUs, HSIs, smaller colleges, and all points in between. Our past clients possess GPAs spanning each side of the spectrum, but all received the same elite service and excellent results. And through the wonders of Zoom, we can serve students and families anywhere. So whether you're looking for college application help in Basking Ridge, NJ, thinking about college application help in Swampscott, MA navigating college application help in Potomac, MD or looking for college application help in Scarsdale, NY, we're here for you. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.


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